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We're Here and There's no Snow

Can we swim?

Being the last to arrive is a bit of a downer. Chantal and I got the only room with a double bed that does not boast a private bathroom. Not to mention that you have to leave the room to change your mind. So much for being the first born. It didn't take long for the claustrophobia to hit me, so I moved out and joined Rory in his palatial room. It's huge, but I have to sleep in a single bed with my legs hanging off the end. The house itself is great. It has room for 16 to sleep in actual beds. There are at least five bathrooms and it is a 10-minute drive to Disney.
All of the kids hit the pool right after breakfast. They were still going strong at lunch time, although they looked a little purple. We pulled them out for a mild rain storm, but they hopped back in as soon as it passed. Who knew the Mathesons were fish-like?
In the afternoon, Geoff and I took the kids to Downtown Disney while the ladies went shopping on our first combined day in Orlando. Downtown Disney, is basically an outdoor mall with some entertainment venues. We went through the stores with the kids to keep them busy for the day. Overall, Geoff and I succeeded in keeping them happy. We had a surprisingly good and affordable lunch at the Earl of Sandwich. We helped the kids design their own Disney T-shirts to wear to the parks. We plan to hit the first one tomorrow, the Animal Kingdom. Stay tuned!

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Florida bound

Will we still be speaking?

We don't generally travel well as a family. Chantal and I are not usually speaking by time we reach our destination, while the children are usually trembling in fear. We figured this trip would be no different, so we apologized to each other and had a group hug to start the day. The good thing about a 4 o'clock flight is that we were not in a panic to get going, which is usually part of our downfall. We were also leaving from Ottawa, another bonus not have to drive for hours to the airport.
We packed, cleaned, dropped the dog off and still had time to spare. By time we left the house t 12:30, Chantal and I were pinching each other to see if it was really that smooth going. We only had to go back to the house once for something forgotten. We were at the airport a full 2 and a half hours before boarding time. It was all going too well. Unfortunately, there's no eventual bad turn to report. Our flight left 30 minutes late, but made up most of it in the air. Chantal suffered for the last 30 minutes with earaches. She still feels all blocked up. The car ride in The Cube to the house was a little harrowing as we ignored directions from the rental desk and followed the road signs while we waited for the GPS to kick in. We arrived safe and sound at the house in Kissimmee 30 minutes later and we only had to tell the children to "shut up" 15 times so "we can hear the lady tell us when to turn."
We opened some more presents on arrival, put the kids to bed after much protesting. Then the boys played pool in the Games Room, aka the garage, before bed. I still suck at pool. I sunk the 8-ball three times when I wasn't allowed to. Let the adventures begin!

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The Final Days

Will we make it to Florida?

The last few days before Christmas ran very smoothly. Chantal did a lot of the prep for Christmas dinner in advance and it paid off. She only had the turkey left to do on the 25th. We did a lot of the wrapping on the 23rd, so we did not have to stay up all Christmas Eve. Instead we went to the Churchill's for an early dinner with friends. We even made it to the United Church for the evening Christmas service before heading home and getting the kids to bed for 8:30. That was our own Christmas Miracle, the kids were actually upset that they were still up, because Santa might skip our house.
The biggest surprise came Christmas morning when Rory informed us at 7:30 that Scarlett wanted to sleep "a little more" when he tried to get her up. We finally got up and opened the stockings before breakfast. We followed that up with the gifts. With just the four of us it was over in half an hour and Rory was off building with Lego and I was in Barbie Hell, assembling the Glam Jet. That was it until Chantal put the turkey in at noon and John and Mary arrived at about 3. We had a nice visit and exchanged gifts before getting some needed rest before the journey south.

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One Week to Go!

We are on triple countdown mode in the Matheson household. Five days left of school, six days until Christmas, and seven days until we land in Florida. The whole Matheson clan is heading south for the holidays. Will the state survive our visit. Usually we head down during March Break and spend a week in the sun, staying a few doors down from the Grandparents. This time, we are all sharing a house - two families of four, two sets of grandparents and Uncle David. It should be chaos. At least there's a Game Room and a swimming pool at the house. Naturally, we will spend some of that time at Magic Kingdom. The girls, Scarlett, Ava and Alyssa, are booked in for a full-fledged princess makeover on January 1st. Rory took a pass on the Pirate Makeover. Will DisneyWorld be big enough for three Matheson princesses?Disney


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